Nevermind the bollocks by @AndreiOgrada

Just sayin’ by @AndreiOgrada

Is it Monday? it don’t matter by @AndreiOgrada

Visual Playground & The Type Collective

Ne vedem sâmbătă la workshop de brush lettering şi cover design.

Mai multe informatii şi înscrierile se fac pe

Candy numerals by @OctavianBudai

For all those by @VianPeanu

The Type Collective & Friends: The Book — 15.01 — Plot & Coffee Shop

The T. Col. by @VianPeanu

Hey, stupid! by @VianPeanu

Happy Holidays everyone! by @AndreiOgrada

Serendipity by @FelixHornoiu

BDKRM by @VianPeanu for Bipolar's Tomboy Hero Collection

Beauty that kills by @AndreiOgrada for Bipolar's Tomboy Hero Collection

Guest post from Andrei Nicolescu — Hărmălaie. Check his behance.

Greed by @AlexBeltechi