The Type Collective & Friends are redrawing the alphabet.

26 different letters by international renowned Romanian artist.

“26 Characters”, the second exhibition by The Type Collective, will have it’s opening on the 28th of November 2013, it will run till the 23rd of December 2013 and it is held at Imbold Galeria (str. Polonă, nr. 40).

The Type Collective, a group of visual artists with a passion for drawing letters has prepared a second show along with other world renowned Romanian illustrators, art directors and graphic designers.

The project will feature 26 different letters in 26 different styles each of the letters drawn by a Romanian artist. 

The artists (whom we warmly call friends) are: Evelin Bundur, Daniel Tase, Paula Rusu, Andrei Ogradă, Loreta Isac, Felix Hornoiu, Saddo, Aitch, Alex Beltechi, Octavian Budai, Istvan Vasil, Laura Iane, Koma, Ovidiu Hrin, Vian Peanu, Radu Pose, Ștefan Lucuț, Ioana Șopov, Andrei Robu, Noper, Andreea Țimpea, Nadejda Ghilca, Kitra, Ana-Maria Grigoriu, Stelian Dobrescu, Vlad Neuman.

The Type Collective wishes to promote lettering in Romania and also make the field as well known as in other contries. The Group is made up by 8 graphic designers with a passion for typography and lettering: Andrei Ogradă, Alex Beltechi, Felix Hornoiu, Vlad Neuman, Koma, Nicu Duță (Kitra), Octavian Budai și Vian Peanu.

For more info on The Type Collective and our projects drop us an email on

The show will end today, officially, however all the prints will stay on at nou9 for a couple more days.

Thank you all, boys and girls,  nou9, Atelierul de Print, Bunatarie.

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