Greed by @AlexBeltechi

Work or perish by @AlexBeltechi

Never want by @AlexBeltechi

The Type Collective will be participating in this year’s Visual Playground with a typography and lettering workshop! Visit to find out more. We’re really excited and hope to see you there on the 20th and 21st of July.

Poster designed by @AlexBeltechi.

typoseur by @AlexBeltechi

Supplimental income by @AlexBeltechi

Stretch marks by @AlexBeltechi

Destiny by @AlexBeltechi

Time by @AlexBeltechi

All Aboard the Trend Train by @AlexBeltechi

The lost art of subtlety by @AlexBeltechi

Hold that thought by @AlexBeltechi  Glitched by Jamie Boulton

Looming Deadline by @AlexBeltechi

Nothing is truly simple by @AlexBeltechi

Don’t grow by @AlexBeltechi