Started a new silly little project. It’s stupidly called imakeampersands, I think the name speaks for itself. But, just to let you know, there are going to be lots and lots of ampersands. And shapes that i discover while drawing ampersands that look more or less like an ampersand. — @VianPeanu

(via glyphsandspliffs)

Source: imakeampersands

Architect by @VianPeanu

For all those by @VianPeanu

The T. Col. by @VianPeanu

Hey, stupid! by @VianPeanu

BDKRM by @VianPeanu for Bipolar's Tomboy Hero Collection

SHIT by @VianPeanu


Type or GTFO by @VianPeanu

Type or die by @VianPeanu

No Rest by @VianPeanu

Fa Kin Su Pah by @VianPeanu

Otrava by @VianPeanu

TTC monogram by @VianPeanu

Source: glyphsandspliffs

Chemistry by @VianPeanu