The calling by @Kitrart

Pervert me by @AndreiOgrada

Is it Monday? it don’t matter by @AndreiOgrada

CCCP: Lost astronaut by @FelixHornoiu

Let’s go back to ‘65 by @FelixHornoiu

Awesome 86 by @FelixHornoiu

Honey ate by @OctavianBudai

Hoods and rats by @AndreiOgrada

Love Hotel by @OctavianBD

Mr. Long by @FelixHornoiu

T.R.E.A.M. by @KomaSinistro

And you don’t stop #2 by @KomaSinistro

S by @VladNeuman

Type writer by @FelixHornoiu

TTC Monogram by @VianPeanu