Guest post: My head is in the clouds by Jordan Manigo

The @TypeCollective x @VisualPlayground workshop is about to start, grab a coffee and meet us in half an hour. TTCxVP by @AndreiOgrada

The Type Collective will be participating in this year’s Visual Playground with a typography and lettering workshop! Visit to find out more. We’re really excited and hope to see you there on the 20th and 21st of July.

Poster designed by @AlexBeltechi.

Another guest post from @TaseDanNo sleep till Brooklyn

Type or GTFO by @VianPeanu

typoseur by @AlexBeltechi

Type or die by @VianPeanu

Guest post: Work Fuckin Hard by @TaseDan

Time to ride my bike by @OctavianBudai

No Rest by @VianPeanu

Supplimental income by @AlexBeltechi

Cast no shadow by @AndreiOgrada

Stretch marks by @AlexBeltechi

Fa Kin Su Pah by @VianPeanu

Destiny by @AlexBeltechi